Friday, December 5, 2008


Hi..srry a little bit busy all dis while..bese r,nak kawin,hv to go around,wt tu wt ni..huhu..anyway, bz n pnt tp, puas ati r..
erm, it's bout another 2 wiks je lg..mcm2 perasaan ada skrg ni..lots of my frens keep on asking,"ape yg ko rs???"actually, dah x tau nak rs ape..gembira, nervous, pressure..spr yg penah ada experience kawin, tau r kot..
tp, alhamdulillah, based on support i received, especially from my wife to-be n my whole fmly(she's n mine), everything seems ok n on track..hopefully, dat day itself everything will go as per plan r..
somemore, pd mereka2 yg dh confirm dtg, thanks so much for your support..pd mereka2 yg x dpt dtg, it's okay n thanks for all your, pd yg still can't decide wether want to come or not, come on bro n sis, bkn slalu nak dtg umh mmbr kawin..especially my frens from mckk yg dah lama x, dtglah beramai2,k..huhu..
i thnk dats it fr now, till we meet again,k..chiow..